Welcome to our office

Caring for our patients, the care with which we treat each case, understanding the problems, and our adaptability for each patient are the reasons why most patients choose us and come back every time for a routine check-up, for birth, or for solving more special clinical cases. We try through our quality services to turn the visit to our clinic into a pleasant experience, without the classic doctor-patient barriers. We know how stressful a medical exam can sometimes be and that is why we give our full attention to each patient, offering the best solutions to solve each case.

Our office is located in Overijse – rue Hengstenberg 179, 3090 Overijse near the district Auderghem (Brussels). Access by car is easy, the Overijse exit from the E 411. Parking places are available free of charge in front of the clinic. Bus access is possible with DeLijn departing from Hermann DeBroux.

For consultations at the OVERIJSE CABINET please use the ONLINE BOOKING form.

For consultations in the other offices, please contact us directly on the phone numbers displayed.

The mobile phone number 0471830413 is intended for EMERGENCIES only and we invite you to use SMS in communication with our secretariat.

Childbirths and gynecology take place at DELTA HOSPITAL – Boulevard du Triomphe 201, 1160 Auderghem. The Clinic is particularly renowned for its expertise in surgery, being equipped with the latest technologies in minimally invasive surgery.

The Edith Cavell Maternity Unit has a long tradition in healthcare, the environment and the special design have been implemented to create in patients the feeling of security and well-being while treated to the highest standards.

Thank you for your confidence!