The desire for a child to start a family or to make it bigger 👼💕👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 … so much pain not having any, so much energy expended, and every day this test which is negative 😔 … Infertility corresponds to the difficulty of a couple to conceive in a period of 12 months.


The statistics are quite reassuring: 15% of couples are infertile, 4% sterile, the average conception time is 5 months, a couple has about 25% chances of conceiving every month, a daily report increases the chances to 68% and one per week the chances decrease to 15% every month.


The basic exam includes:

  • blood test (to check hormones, immunity, and ovarian age)
  • ultrasound analysis of your menstrual cycle (information on how you ovulate, how many eggs per cycle)
  • fallopian tubes analysis (verify whether the fallopian tubes are blocked)
  • analysis of semen (contrary to popular belief, its quality decreases as we getting older)

The secondary follow-up is meaning diagnostic hysteroscopies and laparoscopic procedures.

For the partner – we will offer an andrological consultation, hormonal evaluation, karyotype and urogenital ultrasound.


Medical treatments (stimulation, insemination and in vitro fertilization) are done in collaboration with the PMA CHIREC Service – Hopital Braine Alleud and Hopital DELTA.