Prenatal clinic, respectively the follow-up of the pregnancy are carried out under the same principle of the minimum risk for the mother and the most precious gift of life – the child.

Prenatal consultations are monthly, rhythmic by the 3 morphological ultrasounds up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. Between 36-40 weeks of amenorrhea (due date), they become weekly and are associated in all cases with an ultrasound of fetal well-being.

After the birth term, patients will contact the Delta Maternity Secretariat 024348273 for cardiotocographic monitoring every 48 hours.

Depending on local conditions, the condition of the mother and the baby, the delivery can be expected starting from 41 weeks of amenorrhea.

For pregnancy-related medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, venous or surgical thrombosis, the Delta Clinic team will be contacted and will take care of you.



Our patients give birth at Delta Private Hospital, a modern level 3 maternity hospital with over 3300 births, we guarantee your personalization of the birth – give birth with your gynecologist or his locum (experienced gynecological surgeons).

The birth philosophy is as natural as possible, but patients may ask for epidural anesthesia during labor.

Patients will go directly to the maternity world (024348274) from the appearance of signs of labor – painful uterine contractions (2-3 to 10 minutes), bleeding or rupture of membranes – significant leakage of a colorless fluid.

Birth pain management remains one of our priorities:

Before birth, we encourage participation in training sessions with a physiotherapist.
During dilation in the delivery rooms, you have a hot water jacuzzi that can alleviate the pain.
And of course epidural anesthesia.


CAESARIAN delivery

We practice regular cesarean sections with a hospitalization time varying between 2-4 days depending on the needs of the baby, the mother being autonomous starting on average 48 hours after the operation.

The scar is relatively small, at the height of the panties, being masked by the swimsuit.

The interventions are performed with spinal anesthesia coupled with an epidural that gives the mother the necessary comfort and pleasure of the first moments of the life of the baby.

After a brief check by the pediatrician, the newborn child returns to the parents in skin-to-skin contact.

The clips will be removed 7 days after the cesarean section and a mandatory contraceptive period will follow for the next 18 months.